Patrick Co Rodriguez


Patrick Co Rodriguez is a serial entrepreneur with a social heart.  His ventures have placed emphasis and focus on alleviating some of the country's many social problems.  He established Livingspace Development to provide trendy, stylish but affordable homes for the middle class population in the city.  To help curb illegal logging and deforestation, Patrick established Eight Dragon Metal Co. to educate and supply dealers, builders and contractors with sustainable, recycled building material alternatives that completely eliminates wood reliance on home building.  These efforts resulted in 1000% increase in customer base and 10,000% increase in annual revenues within 3 years. 

He is Chairman and Co-founder of First Asia Labor Service Cooperative, a for-profit social enterprise that aims to provide under-educated people with gainful employment and fair wages.  He is a director and head of strategic planning at Istana Marketing & Development Corp., a development company.  He is also a director and head of land acquisition at PKC Prime Properties Inc., a company that provides clean and affordable housing in prime locations to young urban professionals.

He is a Securities and Exchange Commission registered licensed Securities Dealer.  He is a licensed Real Estate Broker, having placed 9th in the 2011 nationwide licensure examination administered by the Professional Regulatory Commission.  He holds a BS in Economics from De La Salle University.