Gravitas believes that a successful Project commitment must be led by a strong managerial team guided by a clear objective and strategy. Financial challenges are opportunities to create business value.
  • Determine the services required of Gravitas and the nature of the transaction which will generate the most benefits to the client;
  • Conduct a thorough internal financial and legal due diligence for a clear understanding of the requirements of the client;
  • Analyze the needs of the client against the realities of the market;
  • Formulate a deal structure that will optimize value to the client;
  • Recommend and work closely with the client's legal, financial and tax resources where appropriate;
  • Map out the requisite activities, procedures and expectations;
  • Identify, engage and negotiate with strategic financial institutions, investors or counterparties with synergistic value to client;
  • Lead negotiations and facilitate due diligence by potential investors or financial institutions;
  • Manage contract negotiations to generate desired provisions, agreements and other legal documents related to the project closing;