Every commitment of Gravitas is managed by a Project Deal Team to ensure timely delivery of expectations. Every Deal Team is composed of at least Two (2) Senior Professionals and at least two (2) full time deal team members in every stage of the project. Individually, the team members contribute varied and complementing business disciplines.

All Deal Teams are directly accountable to the Board of Directors. The Board meets regularly to monitor and assess the status, progress and prospects of each project. The Gravitas Board takes direct accountability for all commitments under its mandate.
GRAVITAS follows a disciplined and rigorous advisory and investment approach to source, analyze, execute, and create value in its commitments. GRAVITAS takes advantage of the strengths of local presence and regional talent within the Firm. Its wealth of experience and network yields many 
benefits including:

Proximity: despite advancements in global communication, a local office has a significant advantage in securing information and identifying and evaluating opportunities and obtaining strategic market information;

Network: the team's extensive contacts within the business community, the financial institutions 
and the key government entities are resources that facilitate strategic alliances and partnerships; and

Oversight: regular and detailed monitoring and evaluating of commitments and projects by 
Gravitas management is an observed practice of Deal Teams.